Inspiring Sports

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Sports competitions

We organize and manage sports competitions in Olympic format, races, or tournaments, of the duration and categories that the company decides according to their objective. Through our platform, employees can participate, track the competition, upload the results, share their photos and comments, etc.

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Running club

Running is fashionable in companies too. There are already many employees who join different races and request to do it as a team. That's why, at Inspiring Benefits we start up and manage your own Running Club by arranging the corporate running shirts, the inscriptions to different races, the results, the trainings, the tips and advice. Everything in a mobile, very friendly and competitive environment.

Inspiring Games

Annual competition between companies. The employees of your company will compete online adding kilometers and the eight companies that are at the top of the ranking will compete face-to-face. A meeting in which sport, health, companionship and solidarity come together to transmit the best values for your teams.

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Compatible with wearable devices

Inspiring Games

Game management

Creation of teams - registered in different sports categories - signings, games’ calendar and much more, so that the management of a sports club in your company is as simple and intuitive as possible, and in addition, very fun.

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