Marketing and loyalty departaments

From Inspiring Benefits we help our clients to implement, in a simple and personalized way, a comprehensive loyalty program based on various advantages and incentives.

Unlike other non-specialized agencies, we have been exclusively dedicated to the evolution of this service since 2010. This fact allows us to be unique concerning the achievement of agreements, the communication plan and our complete platform that provides service to clients, managers and merchants.

They already trust

How can we help you?




Clients need to know that you care about them. A program of advantages and privileges contributes to the perception of quality and proximity of your brand.




The added vañlue of beloging to a club is key in your customer's purchasing decisions and a differentiates you from your competitors.




Knowing your customer's profile is essential for the launch os new commercial proposal os your brand combined with those of third parties.




The novelty of the incentives and the motivation through the prizes are the perfect excuse to make contact again with your idle clients.

What solutions do we offer you?

Loyalty programs

We implement an easy and different way in a customer loyalty program with premium advantages. With this program we help you being present in your customers’ the day to day, in addition to offering them an additional bonus and giving a new weapon to your commercial network. Also, you will be able to know better the preferences of your clients.

Incentive programs

We fully manage your multi-channel incentive campaigns. We help you in everything, from the definition of the target and the most appropriate incentive, to communication, the microsite and the management of incentives. It's time to reward your customers, commercial network or employees.

An integral 360º service and 100% turnkey

Agreements / content lists

We manage more than 1,600 preferential agreements and select the ones that are most compatible with your clients. Agreements in all types of categories.

Multi-platform technology

We have been developing the most powerful technology in the market for 10 years to achieve the segmentation criteria most related to your company.

Multi-channel communication

We jointly define the customer journey and communicate to each person what matters most to them according to their sociodemographic variables, lifestyle and consumption history.

Advanced reporting

We give you complete multiformat reports, with transparent information, so you can follow the program correctly.

Inverse Big Data

We make a complete study about the use and effectiveness of the service and we help you take advantage of this knowledge in order to improve your commercial campaigns and complement your CRM.

Design adaptation

Working together with your communication agency we design all the pieces that the program needs, both for online media (microsite, newsletters, banners, sms's...) and offline (email, flyers, coupons...).