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Saving money

Increase the purchasing power of employees without raising your salary costs with an exclusive and customizable marketplace for your organization.
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Put recognition systems, rewards, challenges and many other levers in place to increase work motivation in your organization.
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Engagament copia


Fall in love with your employees with all our loyalty programs and make them feel proud of belonging to their organization.
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Bet on two-way communication through games, contests. Events, bulletin board and challenges and make your organization participate in all events.
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Share and involve your employees in the sustainable actions carried out in your organization with our ODS programs.
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Promote a healthy environment in your organization with the implementation of physical, emotional, financial, social and vital wellness programs.
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Successfull stories

Big companies alreday Las grandes empresas ya confían en nosotros

More than 500 companies are already enjoying the Inspiring Discounts

We communicate, measure and build loyalty

Most advanced technology and personalized service

Consulting and strategy

Let us know you. Know more about your business, structure, culture, objectives and people of your team to be able to design with you a customized benefit plan for your organization.


Contents and communication

Part of our differential value is in the content and communication of our different programs, of our own and exclusive elaboration. Each user provides us with the information that interests them and based on it, we segment the communication so that it is as personalized as possible.


The people, our team, are the soul of Inspiring Benefits and what makes our programs come alive. When putting any of our solutions into operation, we assign you a Key Account Manager (KAM) who will ensure that the established objectives are achieved. In addition, it will be this figure that will provide you with all the facilities to know how the program works through monthly reports with pre-established KPI's, which will prepare the contents and communications based on the initially prepared calendar and which will provide you with different solutions to the needs that may arise during the journey.

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Reporting y atención

In Inspiring Benefits, we give great importance to the feedback of our programs, both in the reporting that we send monthly to the managers of the different organizations with the main KPIs and in the attention to the end user who is the target of our programs. Therefore, we have several service channels depending on the user's preference: Email, Chat or phone. Whatever the query, we give the first answer in the first 24 hours.

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